April 02, 2007

Eight months down

Today we hit the eight month mark in the adoption process. If you notice on my ticker on the right side, that is 243 days!!! This would be so much easier if we just knew exactly how much longer we had before we get to see Sadie. It is impossible at this point to know if we have 10 months or 20 months to go. This has to be the worst part of the whole process...not knowing.

Many people have asked me why there has been such a slowdown. Some in the adoption community speculate that since the 2008 Olympics will be in China, the Chinese government does not want to make the country look bad by giving up so many babies for adoption. In reality, I think this makes them look worse because there are many babies in orphanages just waiting to be united with a family.

There are new requirements for those adopting from China which may help things down the road, but it really does nothing to help those of us who are already waiting. The new requirements disqualify many people, but the rules do not go into affect until May 1, 2007. That means there will probably be fewer dossiers sent to China after May 1, but there is still the huge backlog that currently goes back to November 2005.

So here we sit...just waiting still. We do have other things going on to help us keep our minds occupied. We are searching for a house to buy and seem to be closer in making a decision. I've been keeping my nephews after they get out of school. Today, after homework, we had a pretty heated game of "golf". That is a card game....not the sport.

The time is passing....I keep telling myself every day that we are one day closer to seeing our daughter. That still sounds weird to me. I'm going to be a mom? It seems impossible some days.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! As you already know, we have the same log-in date..just a few kilometres away! Maybe April?
South Australia