March 04, 2007

Seven months down

As of Friday, March 2, we have been logged in for seven months. Not much has changed as far as the expected wait times. All signs are still pointing to 18-24 months from LID. February went by fast since it was a short month, plus we have been busy getting ready for our move.

I got a nice surprise from FedEx last Saturday. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what they would be bringing since I hadn't ordered anything recently. I opened the box and found a cute stuffed pig and a card. February 18 was the Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Pig. The gift was from one of our travelmates. When our paperwork went to China, our agency sent in a package with three other couples. This surprise gift was from one of those couples, Adam and Cara, from Wisconsin. It is nice to connect with them as our daughters will more than likely come from the same orphanage, and could very likely be cribmates. We will travel to China at the same time...get our daughters at the same time...have the "red couch" photo together. You get the point. was a nice surprise!