February 02, 2007

Six months down

It’s official…it has been six months since our log-in date. A batch of referrals arrived yesterday that included people with a log in date between September 27 and October 13, 2005. Just a reminder, our log in date is August 2, 2006!! If they would just go back to referring a WHOLE month of LIDs at a time, we could get through this so much faster. Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of that happening. So, the wait will continue to increase. What’s that they say about patience??? Ug!


Anonymous said...

Greetings once again from Adelaide, South Australia. As a "log-in" buddy I would cetainly say that we are "quite virtuous"!!!
We`are not getting much info. at our end but continue to keep really busy with work and play..hang in there!!!
Angela xx