January 29, 2007

Home For Sale

It's official. We are selling out. Well, sort of.... We have decided to put our present home up for sale. We are doing this for a couple reasons. For one, we really bit off more than we could chew. We bought the house we “always wanted” only to ultimately find that we have a house with an entire second floor that is unused. We have decided to cut our losses by selling our home (or at least attempting to sell) and moving into a rental property eventually.

More importantly, switching from mortgage payments to rental payments will allow us to save around $400 a month. This will allow us to save a significant amount of money to be used for travel expenses in China, and as such, will minimize our resulting debt.

While we have not heard any positive news regarding potential offers, we have an important event coming up. We are nearing our six month anniversary of our log in date. Well, at least, I think this is a good thing. I guess six months down means six months closer to the big day.

(post written by Garland)