January 02, 2007

Five months and a sign?

Today marks five months into our wait, and Garland had a funny discovery. Here is his blog comment:

It appears that Sadie may have more in common with our Burt family than we ever knew. Periodically, I break out my storage container filled with genealogy files, pictures, etc. In re-aquainting myself with our family history, I was reminded of China Hainline (later China Burt). Yes, believe it or not, one of the Burt ancestors was named China. William Burt was one of the early settlers of Armington. Born in 1800 in Boone Co., KY, he travelled to Hittle Township in the 1830's. While I don't know much history of his wife China, her family name is familiar having similar ties to nearby communities that remain today. Despite the origin of her name, it is rather ironic that we are now adopting from the country to which she held a name. Here is a picture of the tombstone for China.