November 17, 2006

TiVo Alert

The Travel Channel is running a series of shows called "Trip of a Lifetime." Viewers wrote in to the network to express what a "Trip of a Lifetime" for them would be and where they would go. On Thanksgiving night at 9:00 p.m. CST, the episode will be about a family who in 2002 adopted a baby from Hunan province in China. The Travel Channel follows them as they go back to China to visit the birthplace of their daughter. It sounds very interesting. Please try and watch it if you can. I think it will help everyone understand the situation in China. Who could possibly be the same orphanage where Sadie is or will be!


Debbie & Kirk said...

What date is that? I'm from Canada so not sure of your Thanksgiving date.

Can't wait to see it

(hoping for referral this month)