October 29, 2006

Deep thoughts.....with Garland

It's Garland, again:) To me, a blog represents a sort of "online" diary. While it is a great opportunity for us to share our adoption experience with others, when I think of a diary I think of pre-teen girls writing about friends and enemies, unexpressed love, and dirty little secrets. Okay, you'll get none of that here. But I decided I would write a thinkpiece for a change.

I just have a few random thoughts that I would like to share....

Sometimes I get the feeling that others don't think I am excited about the adoption. Unfortunately, I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve. While I am typically expressive and even outspoken at times, I am just pacing myself, I think. I am sure I'll be bawling like the cowardly lion on Wizard of Oz when we are standing in that orphanage, waiting for our daughter to come forward. But for now, I am just waiting.

I think my wife and I have both come a long way from our childhoods growing up in small town middle America to the notion of travelling halfway around the world to adopt our daughter.

I have been thinking much more about where we will live after the adoption is complete. I really want to move back home or the vicinity as the cost of living of much more affordable there. But now, I realize that I need not just to think about me, but about our daughter. While I do think that folks are becoming more culturally diverse across America, it would seem like opportunities would be many in an area like Bloomington-Normal. Part of me thinks I should move back to my childhood home, that maybe this will change the views of those around us who remain intolerant and prejudice. But part of me just doesn't even want to put my daughter through that when we can live in larger and typically more culturally diverse communities that are only a few more miles away.

Lastly, while I will continue to post occasionally to the adoption blog that Julie maintains, I would invite others to come visit me at my own blog at http://garlandburt.wordpress.com/