October 17, 2006

Chinese Moon Cake

Garland here, again. This morning I received an unexpected surprise from my boss. She called me this morning, indicating she had a present. I was expecting either a 4" thick manual of bureaucratic nonsense or a rotten tomato for all the grief I gave her yesterday. Instead, if was a Chinese Moon Cake. I had mentioned Monday about attending the Chinese Moon Festival at University of Illinois last weekend. She has a Chinese friend whom gave her these cakes.

Teri and I have similar tastes in food as we both like Bernie and Betty's, so I should have taken a hint when she told me her family didn't care for the flavor. But being my typical self, I took a couple bites anyway. Okay, I took just one bite. The cake itself had a very dense filling, similar to the egg yolk/sugar filling in a very institutional looking pecan pie. In the center was something yellow of unknown origin. Upon looking on wikipedia I discovered that traditional moon cakes have a center made of duck yolks. I hope that was not the case with this cake. Though, as I squeezed the yellow center between my fingers, it did have a slight resemblance to an egg yolk that had been cooked and then dried out. It certainly tasted like nothing I had ever eaten before. I think, perhaps, I will be making an Americanized moon cake in the future.