July 13, 2006

What a fiasco!! LONG!

Just when I thought I had the whole mixup with the doctor form figured out...it went crazy again. I had a notary all lined up to notarize it on Tuesday, so I thought I would take it to the FedEx place after the daycare kids left. In the meantime, one of the daycare kids tripped and fell headfirst into the corner of the kitchen cabinets and split his head open. I had to call the parents and they came and got him and took him to the ER. The cut looked HORRIBLE. I held ice on it for a while until his mom and dad got here, but he kept saying "it's done. It's fixed." His mom and dad took him to the ER and I called Garland and had a meltdown. Garland ended up coming home for a few hours to give me some moral support. I had him go to the doctor's office to pickup the newly notarized form, but when he got it back here and I checked the notary stamp, I discovered that AGAIN, the date on the stamp did not match the date on the Secretary of State's web page. How could that be??? I thought it happening once was just a fluke, but TWICE???? So, I was back at square one. I decided that Wednesday I would take the entire day off since I just couldn't get this form taken care of unless I had a car and was free to go wherever I needed to go.

Tuesday night I called someone I knew in town who has been through this process twice and was asking her about the notary issue and if she knew anyone who could notarize this document for us. She checked with one of her coworkers on Wednesday morning and called me back and said she COULD notarize the document! So, I went to get another blank form and couldn't find one anywhere. I KNEW there was an extra blank form here just the day before, but it wasn't anywhere to be found. So, after an hour long search, I finally found the form. Then I was going to make a copy of it on our printer/scanner/copier, and the machine wouldn't work. I tried 6 or 8 times and could NOT get the thing to work. So, I went upstairs to an old printer/scanner/copier we have that only works part of the time, and it just so happened to work for me. So, I had the copies in hand, went to the doctor's office and got the form taken care of. I called the courier before I left the house and asked her if she wanted me to send it to her house or an alternate address. She said to send it to an alternate address and told me where to go on her web site to get the instructions. So, I printed those out (the printer worked this time), called Production Express to make sure they could send it overnight and get it there by Thursday morning. They said "SURE!! No problem!" So off I went...

I get to Production Express and they make copies of the form for me since I'm supposed to get three or four copies. Then the gal tries to enter in the address for where I am sending it to, and her computer tells her that the package could not be sent to that destination. WHAT???? I was about to lose it. She really was trying her best, but it just kept saying that it was not allowed. So, I called the courier from my cell phone and asked her if anyone had had this problem before. She said "That's ridiculous! I get stuff sent to that address all the time! It's a FedEx Hub!" I tell the lady at the desk what she said. The lady still can't get it to go through. So, I had her call FedEx, but she got someone rude who wouldn't help her. They gave her another phone number to call and hung up on her. She called the other number and got a message that it was no longer in service. We finally filled out a paper airbill and didn't put it through the computer system. I put my credit card number on the outside of it (which is what you do for FedEx packages that you send from self-service locations) and put it in the slot to be picked up at 5:00 Wednesday night.

I checked the tracking number before I went to bed and it said it had been picked up. This morning it shows that it is at the destination and ready for the courier to get it. Phhheewwww! Now I just hope that everything on the form is CORRECT and that we don't have to redo again! According to the courier, she will take the form today to the Secretary of State and then on to the consulate. I paid the extra $20 for rush processing so it should be done on Monday at the same time that all our other documents are finished.

Might I add that I typed this entire message once yesterday and when I went to publish it, Blogger erased the entire thing so I had to start from scratch. It was one of those days...make that two days!

Back to the injured Daycare child...he ended up coming back in time for nap on Tuesday. No stitches needed, just some Dermabond and a bandaid. I asked him how his head was when he got back and he said "It's fixed."

I hope I can say the same for our documents!