July 08, 2006

Our "baby" is on her way to Chicago!

Yesterday I got the letters redone that needed fixed and our social worker drove over last night and brought the other bits of info that we were missing. This morning Garland and I drove to Springfield to FedEx Kinkos and got our "baby" on the road to the courier. I was extremely nervous and half-sick just knowing that it was almost seven month's worth of work being placed in the hands of FedEx.

The package should get to the courier by Tuesday. She will take it to the Secretary of State's office on Wednesday. Then on to the Chinese Consulate on Thursday. Then they have a four business day turnaround, so she will pick it up from them on Wednesday the following week, then send it back to us on Thursday. So, we should have everything sent to Lifelink two weeks from today is my guess......unless something is horribly wrong in our paperwork and we have to redo something. PLLLLLEEEEASEEE NOOOOO!

Starting to see the light at the end of this paperchase tunnel!