July 02, 2006

It's HERE!!!

Wow! Much to our surprise, our I-171H arrived Saturday, July 1st.....about four to five weeks sooner than we expected! We can now proceed with the rest of the process. In the next week or so, I will be meeting with our social worker to go over our documents. She will make sure that everything is correct on them and help get them in order. Then we will have the courier take them to the Secretary of State's office for authentication and then to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago for their seals. Once that is all done, then everything will go to Lifelink. They send dossiers to China in batches of four, so we are hoping that they have three others there waiting when ours gets to them so that it will be sent right away.

Long story short....we are probably within one month of being DONE with our end of the process!! Once China gets it, then we wait again....current wait time for others who are waiting is about 12 months. We're hoping that will speed up considerably.

Doing a happy dance!!


Kathy said...


I am so happy about your good news!! I told you it was just around the corner. We wait,wait, wait and think it will never happen and then BAM!!! there it is. :-) Maybe everything else will go quicker than expected and you'll be holding your little angel before you know it. Congratulations on your good news.