July 18, 2006

Dossier is in the hands of UPS

I got the documents back from the courier today all certified and authenticated. After the last daycare kid left, I headed for Staples to start making copies. That part of the process is one of the most scary parts! You see, each original document was passed through the Secretary of States office. They add a piece of paper onto it that certifies that the notaries we used were legitimite. This is done on every document (per notary stamp). Then the documents go on to the Chinese Consulate where they put another page on top of that and it is all in Chinese. They then staple everything together. I had to make four copies of each document and the attachments for each as well. The problem is that you CANNOT take out out the staples and you pray very hard that none of them fall out because if they do, the document is then considered null and void and you have to start the process on that document all over again. The other thing is when you make the copies you have to copy the forms that are in Chinese and keep them straight as to which document they go to because they are in Chinese and there is no marking on them that would make you associate it with a specific form. I think I managed to get it all copied and in the correct spots. No staples came out. Phhewww!!

When I finished up with copying and organizing, I headed out to the UPS Warehouse and got it all packaged up for shipping. I know the guy working thought I was a complete idiot because I was shaking so bad and going on and on to him about how he had the life of my baby in his hands! He started to put all the documents into a BOX! I said, "Uh, do you think those will get tossed around and wrinkled in there?" So, he put it all into a padded envelope, then put the envelope into a box. I think it should be safe! It should get to Rockford tomorrow by 10:30. Then we sit and wait again, but at least it's OUT OF MY HANDS!!! Yipppee!! Seven months it took for this paperchase. If only it would be seven months more until we get our baby, but current wait times seem to be around 12-14 months.