June 19, 2006

Four weeks...

Could time go ANY SLOWER???? It seems like this wait for our I-171H is going SOOOOO SLOOOOOWWWWW!! I haven't heard anything different, so I am assuming that we still have about 5 or 6 weeks to wait. I just can't imagine how slow the wait will seem once we have our dossier sent to China and await the referral of our sweet little girl! Sometimes it seems as though this is all just pretend and that it will never happen.

Trying to be patient & positive!


Kathy said...


Hang in there. I know this waiting can be so hard.
About the time you think you just can't wait any longer - not "i don't want to wait" but, I just CAN'T handle waiting any longer - news will come. Praying for you.