May 08, 2006

Passport arrived

The FedEx man delivered my corrected Passport today. It appears to be correct this time and shows that I am female and not male.

Our social worker brought a copy of our homestudy by on Friday. She should have it finished this week. She's waiting on signatures from the Agency and then it will be sent to Immigration. I will post when it is sent.

Not much else to report.


K Lane said...

I have been reading all your posts and keeping up with what is going on. I am a self-admitted lurker and not a "poster." I remembered what it was like for us and felt that pang of guilt for not writing to you. Sometimes we assume people know that we are thinking of them and interested in what is going on in their lives. It is so important for you to be able to "hear/read" that we care while you are in this process. I know from experience how slow moving this is, but you are so right when you say it makes it easier knowing that there is a child waiting for you at the end of this journey. Cherish every step of it. I heard so often through our adoption that "God is in the wait" but when you have waited for a child to hold in your arms for so long the wait does not always feel so "spiritual." In fact, it can feel like one more cruel twist in the journey to motherhood. Trust me - HE is in the wait. You are in our prayers as you complete your paperwork and all the red-tape stateside. I know God has already chosen the little girl for your family - did you know Joshua wasn't even born yet when we sent our dossier to Haiti? We prayed for him and for his mom as if we knew who they were - even though we didn't. How old was he? Did he have a mother who was living? Was he being taken care of? Was he ill? Was he even born yet? If not, was his mom getting proper nurishment and care? Was she ill? All of these questions left unanswered. Praying for him and his family helped us feel connected. We prayed for his family and their health and safety and well-being. We found out later that those prayers were so important to his life, as his mother ended up dieing from childbirth complications and God pulled him through a very difficult few weeks before he made it to the orphanage we were adopting from. We are praying for you and Garland and your family. It is so important to have them on board with you and supporting you right now. Sounds like you have a great circle of friends too. Can't wait for the next update. Know that we are thinking of you and praying for you.