May 15, 2006

Another giant step closer!

Our homestudy is complete and was mailed to Immigration today! This is a big step forward in this long process. When Immigration receives the homestudy, they will review it and send us an invitation to be fingerprinted (hopefully within a few weeks). Once we are fingerprinted it will take about 9-10 weeks for the final document (I-171H) to come saying that we have approval from the United States to adopt an orphan from a foreign country. After we receive the I-171H, it will only be a few weeks longer to finish up the rest of the paperwork and to have the dossier sent to China. That's the final step. Then the long wait will begin (as if it hasn't been long enough already!). Right now the wait time from Log In Date to Referral is about 11 months. So, we are still looking at over a year (unless things really speed up in China). We are one more step closer though!