April 27, 2006

"Name It Silviey" Story

The other day I got the cutest card in the mail. My two little friends, Chelsea and Jadyn, from Minier sent me the sweetest card and Kleenex......yes....I did say Kleenex.

Tara (their mom) said Chelsea (Garland's favorite little cheese eatin' buddy) gave her the Kleenex the other day and on it were a bunch of names that she thinks would be good names for Cricket. Then her little sister, Jadyn, wrote a card for us and it is called, the Name it Silviey card.

This is Chelsea

The Kleenex
Lucy, Ragan, Lilly, Zoey, Jessica, Stephinie, Madison, Megan, Emily, Sara, Brooke, Kelsy, Jaklen, Jakie, Mylie, Silviey, Rachel, Katlen, Jenifer, Kala, Elania, and Ali

At my house last year with the baby squirrel, Earl, that we found in my driveway.
(May he rest in peace. Poor squirrel.)

Front of the card..
Name it Silviey Card
S-I-L-V-I-E-Y in balloons....From Jadyn)

Inside of card:
Dear Jouley did you no i like the name Silviey...would you name the baby Silviey PLEASE? Did you no that my mom would of name me it but she name me Jadyn. My mom made me rite this letter. I rite all the time at school so I wish she didn't say to rite a letter. From: Jadyn To: Jouley: P.S. Name it Silviey

Now, is that not one of the cutest things you've ever seen???
In response to Kim's question in the comments section...

We've been buying 6-9 month or 12 month clothes. Babies from China are usually a little smaller than American kids. I do not see us getting her by Christmas as things in China have slowed down tremendously. We are praying that they speed back up though. China has seen a huge influx of people wanting to adopt and they can't seem to keep up with it. Right now, the wait has gone from 6 months, from when China receives your paperwork, to 12 months. That means we would have at least a year still before we get a referral since our paperwork won't be ready to go until July or August more than likely. We do everything we have to do in a hurry, but then we just have to wait on the government offices here to give their approvals on everything and they just aren't quick about it. Hard news to take, but we are just thankful that we know we will eventually have a baby!

(Kim...we're all SOOO glad that Brett will be back in the states soon!! Hope he and Brian can stay out of Iraq for a while.......or forever for that matter!)


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Made in China said...

Wow that is so sweet!