April 20, 2006

The closet is filling up.

We haven't decided on a name yet for the baby, but Garland says it doesn't matter what we name her, he is going to call her Cricket. I'm not sure where he came up with that. I think he said Gary (his brother) used to call him Grasshopper or something like that. So, since she has no name yet, I am going to start referring to her as Cricket too. It's better than "the baby" or "the kid".

So......Cricket.........this is going to take some getting used to....... has already got quite a wardrobe and has lots of books. Here are some pictures of what she has so far.

This little number is from Grandma Anne.
It's hard to see, but the bib says "Princess". It's SOO cute!!!

This is another one from Grandma Anne. It has the cutest hat!

This is what was in her Easter bag from Grandma Anne.

These are the books that Grandma Anne has bought for her.

This is the Easter present from Aunt Jennifer.
Complete with a pair of Pink Baby Crocs! Too cute!!!

These are three outfits that Colby, Grandma Anne, and I picked out at Garage Sales in Bloomington last Saturday. The purple outfit still had the tags on it.

And last but not least, these are outfits and a little doll that Grandma Patton got for her. The doll is Lavender scented and is supposed to be calming to babies. We are going to take this to China with us.


Kim said...

How old or big will she be when you get her? Wondering what size clothes to get. Still thinking you many have her by this Christmas? Hope so! Love ya

Dusty Osgood said...

How sweet! I love the clothes, I bet you are having a lot of fun shopping for Cricket. :) BTW, "Cricket" is too cute! That'll be awesome to explain to her when she gets bigger, how the nickname came about.

Cricket, we can't wait to meet you!!