March 05, 2006

The Paperchase Begins....

Here is what we have done so far in this process...

December 9 - Mailed initial application to Lifelink
December 27 - Received Self Study form from Lifelink in the mail
December 29 - 1st set of fingerprints done at the Jville Police Department
December 30 - Mailed self study to Lifelink
December 30 - Mailed fingerprints to FBI
January 11 - Ordered copies of birth certificates and marriage license
January 13 - 1st homestudy appointment with social worker in Springfield (both of us)
January 16 - Got Passport pictures taken
January 20 - Went to Morgan County Courthouse and took care of Passport paperwork
January 27 - 2nd Homestudy appointment (Julie's individual)
January 27 - Paid Homestudy Fee
January 28 - Sent I-600A and fees to USCIS (Immigration).
January 28 - 2nd set of fingerprints done at Jville Police Dept for State Police
January 31 - 3rd homestudy appointment (Garland's individual)
February 1 - Got employment letter from Garland's job
February 6 - Letter of receipt from USCIS. They received our I-600A and payment.
February 10 - Garland's physical and bloodwork
February 13 - Julie's physical
February 17 - 4th Homestudy visit (at our house with social worker)
February 18 - Julie's bloodwork
February 24 - Clearance letters from Jville Police Dept received
February 27 - Sent training certificates for Julie to social worker
February 28 - Sent letter requesting fingerprint invitation from USCIS
March 2 - Finished financial statement and had notarized
March 6 - Picked up letter from accountant that is proof that I am self employed
March 9 - Mailed copies of financial statement, JPD letters, CPA letter to Lifelink
March 9 - Met notary at Gar's doctor office and finalized his paperwork
March 10 - Mailed medical paperwork to social worker
March 17 - Received Passports in the mail (mine has an error)
March 23 - Mailed my Passport back for correction to my gender. (F instead of M)
April 20 - Recieved CANTS Clearance FINALLY!
April 25 - Mailed Letter of Intent & other forms to social worker
May 4 - Received e-mail from social worker saying we need to make a few changes to LOI
May 5 - Social worker dropped off a copy of homestudy rough draft
May 9 - Took revised LOI & one other form to bank for notarization
May 13 - Mailed LOI to social worker
May 15 - Homestudy is done!!! SW sent it to USCIS
May 20 - Received invitation to be fingerprinted in St Louis
May 22 - Fingerprinted in St. Louis
July 1 - I-171H received!!
July 5 - met with SW -- two documents need redone
July 6 - doctor's letter redone and notarized
July 7 - CPA letter redone and notarized
July 8 - Document sent to courier (for authentication and certification)
July 11 - E-mail from courier that Julie's medical form needed redone due to notary stamp not matching what is on the SOS web page
July 11 - Julie has form redone, but notary stamp is wrong again
July 12 - Julie takes the day off to get medical form redone. Sent via FedEx to courier
July 18 - All documents received from courier, copies made, and sent via UPS to Lifelink. We are DONE with the paperchase!!!
July 21 - DTC!
August 2 - LID!

September 7 - Renewal of fingerprints in Naperville
September 19 - Homestudy update


Dusty Osgood said...

I'm so excited about this! I think I'm just as excited as you are. I know you've wanted a little baby for a long time now and finally after years and years, it is going to happen. I cannot wait to meet little Burt. :) You and Garland will be awesome parents.

But first you need to come and get my girls every Monday & Friday night from 5-8!!! :D See you then!

Love ya!