March 05, 2006

The Decision to Adopt

A lot of people have heard that we are adopting from China and we get a lot of questions from everyone wanting to know where we are in the process. We decided to create a blog so that everyone can follow our progress.

In September 2005, my fertility doctor discovered that I have a blood condition and I should not attempt to get pregnant. This news came after nearly 6 years of on and off fertility treatments and the loss of twins at 9 weeks into the pregnancy. It would have been nice to know this years ago, but we know that everything happens for a reason. When we first found out that we would never get pregnant, we were upset, but after the initial shock was over, finally knowing that we would not have to go through any more fertility treatments was such a relief and we were just glad to know it. We immediately started talking about adoption after we heard that news.

We attended our first adoption seminar in November 2005. We were not planning to adopt right away, but we wanted to get some general information about the process and all that it entails. The agency that was hosting the informational meeting was Sunny Ridge out of the Chicago area. When we went into the meetings, we were in the mindset that whatever country was the cheapest was where we would adopt from. During the meeting, there was a family there from Bloomington who had adopted a little girl from China. After hearing their story and seeing their little girl, we knew that China was where we should adopt from regardless of how much it would cost.

After the meeting we talked on the way home and decided that we should wait a few years until we started the process. We knew that it would take us a few years to save up for the adoption and we just didn't have the money saved to do it right away.

A few weeks after that meeting, Garland's grandmother died. At the funeral dinner, a lot of people were asking us about our plans to adopt. We told everyone that we were going to wait a few years, but in the back of my mind, I was of course wishing that we could start right away. That night when we were laying in bed, Garland turned over and said "I've been thinking...I think we should just do this now." That was music to my ears!! We decided that we would figure out a way to finance it and as the Nike slogan says, "Just do it!"

A few days later, Garland found out that there was a woman that worked with him who had adopted from China. He corresponded with her over e-mail a few times and she invited us to their house for dinner and to talk more about their adoption experience. We went to their house on December 4th and they shared the pictures and video from their trip to China to get their daughter. They also shared with us that they used Lifelink Adoption Agency and how good they were and that they had an office in Springfield as well. We decided on the way home that night, that we would contact Lifelink right away and start the process.

And so, our journey begins.....